Eddie Van Halen's House and 5150 Studio


RIP Guitar and Musical Legend, Eddie Van Halen of the band Van Halen.

What do you think? Would you pay more for his house and collector cars now?

EVH left behind a rock n roll paradise in the Hollywood Hills in Studio City, California, that is reportedly in both he and his sons name. The expansive property is also the home to his big garage with multiple hot rods and collector vehicles. Along with the requisite SOCAL pool and hot tub fit for a Rock N' Roll Star, is the actual studio where the Van Halen band recorded all of their big hit albums and records.

It is the legendary 5150 Studio and it's in a separate building along with a Frankenstrat design (painted on the ground at the 5150 Studio Entrance). This is the Frankenstrat guitar paint job that is on Eddie's most famous guitar that he custom built with pieces of both a Fender Stratocaster and a Gibson ES Guitar.

There are several reports that after his divorce from Valerie Bertinelli, this house became a huge party pad with stories that only a mega rich rock n' roll star could tell. Around 2008, Eddie remarried and the place became less of a giant party pad, but the 5150 Studio continued to be a production hub for some of the greatest rock n' roll and guitar music ever to be produced.

Only time will tell, but usually after a famous person passes, the value of what they owned becomes more valuable.

Speaking at an event at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History in 2015, Eddie discussed his life and the American Dream, saying "We came here with approximately $50 and a piano, and we didn't speak the language. Now look where we are. If that's not the American dream, what is?"


Eddie Van Halen recalls the reasons why he decided to build his 5150 Studio ahead of the band recording their classic album 1984.

Part of it was to prevent arguments with then-wife actress Valerie Bertinelli, but another was that he was a self admitted control-freak who had a desire to stop “butting heads” with producer Ted Templeman.

Van Halen admits the resulting premises were far more extensive that he’d originally planned.

He tells Guitar World, “I used to have a back room in my house where I set up a little four-track recorder. I have a tape of me playing at 5am and you can hear Valerie come in and yell that she’s heard enough of that song.”

He continues, “The bottom line is that I wanted more control. I was always butting heads with Ted Templeman about what makes a good record. My philosophy has always been that I would rather bomb with my own music than make it with other people’s music. Ted felt that if you re-do a proven hit, you’re already halfway there. I didn’t want to be halfway there with someone else’s stuff.”

Eddie’s continued debate with Templeman is one of the reasons 5150 didn’t remain simply a demo studio. “I wanted to show Ted we could make a great record without any cover tunes and do it our way,” he says.

“Donn Landee and I proceeded to figure out how to build a recording studio. I didn’t initially set out to build a full-blown studio, I just wanted a better place to put my music together so I could show it to the guys. I never imagined that it would turn into what it did until we started building it.”

1984 – released the same year – remains Van Halen’s best-selling album. It spawned the hit singles Jump, Hot For Teacher, Panama and I’ll Wait, and sales hit 12-times platinum in the US alone.

The guitarist, keyboardist, songwriter and producer, best known as the lead guitarist and co-founder of the hard rock band \"Van Halen\", lives here. He originally purchased the 4-bed, 5-bath, 9,578 sq ft home in the 1990's, with now ex-wife actress Valerie Bertinelli. Fans of his music surely will know that this 2.39-acre property (over 2 parcels) has been the home of his 5150 Studios, where "Van Halen" has recorded many albums.

The property is owned by Van Halen Edward L Tr. The building was constructed in 1989. The property is 31 years old, which is 35 years younger than the average age of a building in Los Angeles of 66 years. The total living area is 9,578 sq. ft. The price of improvements made to this parcel is $2,399,025. Six permit applications related to this address have been found in the official registry. On March 24, 2014, the last permit for work at this address was issued. The house is zoned as a single family residence. The building is located on the parcel #2385023009. The house has four bedrooms. The property has five full baths. This is a one-story house. The total size of the living area is 9,578 sqft. 1.43 acres is the land size. The lot's width is 247 ft, depth is 250 ft. If the owner of the land decides to build a fence around it, its length will be 994 ft. As for parking options, they are as follows: 1 space. The short form of this address is 3371 Coldwater Canyon Ave, LA, CA 91604. The address's geographic coordinates: 34.131109,-118.410678.

In a 2016 interview with Car and Driver, Eddie said this:
C/D: What’s your most memorable drive?

EVH: That’s easy. Since I bought the V-8 R8, Audi contacted me and offered for us to go up to Infineon [Sonoma Raceway] to test-drive the V-10 on the track. You know, just go crazy. So [my wife] Janie and I drove up in her Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG. It’s a long drive and we’re doing about 90, 95 in a 65, and I get pulled over and the guy writes me up for a ticket. I’m going, “The last thing I need is a speeding ticket for that much over the speed limit.” We get home and I get a letter from my office; the patrol guy who gave me the ticket, his captain voided it. He said, “You don’t give Eddie Van Halen a ticket,” and I had a letter to prove it. The letter came straight from the captain.

Eddie Van Halen was a Car Enthusiast and Collector and that community of people will also miss him along with his many musical fans.

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Bedrooms 4
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