Advertising Price Information (Last updated: 11/05/2023)


We offer Category ADs, which are the most popular type of ads placed on Houses with Big Garages for Sale  is one of those categories.  

To place an ad Login to Your Account or use the Easy AD Order Form even if you don't have an account setup yet.


Category Ads offer these features:

  • Our Real Estate Categories, include: All Residential and Commercial property types that are either for Sale or for Rent, except for the categories focused on just renting a garage space, but not the entire house or property.
  • Choose between a "Featured Ad" or a "Regular AD" and the # of Run Days:
  • Both type of ADs allow: 80 pictures (up to 10MB file size each); 5 document files (.PDF files up to 5MB file size each); and 2 digital movies (up to 1GB per video in file format: MP4)
  • Featured Ad's and Turbo Boosted Ads provide the highest level of exposure and can garner 5 to 10 times more ad views than a regular ad
  • Featured Ad's are rotated throughout the home page and are easier to locate than Regular Ad's.
  • If you see the words: Premium Ad's; they are equal to Regular ADs and are the sites basic ads.
Real Estate Category Ad Prices:

These are the prices when you are selling or renting the Entire Property.

# Days Ad Runs

Featured Ad Price

Regular Ad Price







Until Sold (as long as it takes)




Metro Garages for Sale or Rent; and Suburban Garages for Sale or Rent:

These two categories are for garage or parking space being rented or sold SEPARATELY from your house. These two categories are NOT for selling your entire property.

# Days Ad Runs

Featured Ad Price

Regular Ad Price

Until Sold or Rented




Turbo Boost Options for your Category Ads:

Turbo Boost options are enhancements that you can add to make your AD more visible or "sticky" so that you get more views and responses to your AD.

Turbo Boost to Top of All Lists:

# Days the Turbo Boost Run Price

30 $99

Turbo Boost with a Bold Title:

# Days the Turbo Boost Run Price

30 $15

90 $30

Until Sold $65

Turbo Boost with an Ad in our Regular Email Newsletters:

This is prominent placement in our regularly run email newsletters to our subscribers. This will be shared content with other information in these newsletters.

# of Days for Email Ads Run Price

30 $149

60 $298

90 $447

120 $596

150 $745

180 $894


Dedicated Email Blasts that feature just your property go out to our entire subscription list.

  • Contact us for pricing details: Text: 307-459-1895

Other Category Ad prices

The prices shown below are by category:

Classic and Collector Cars for Sale:


Zinga Garage Goods, Products and Services:

# Days Ad Runs

Featured Ad Price

Regular Ad Price

Until Sold




Articles & Stories

If you have articles or stories that you want to post on to link to items, sites or pages on other web sites, etc., then this is the category for you. This is great for PR reps and others to use to promote to our audience, members and visitors.


# Days Articles / Stories Run

Featured Ad Price

Regular Ad Price

Until You Remove the Post




Wants & Requests:

Are you looking for: A Car Property; or some other type of realestate? You can also post requests for vehicles in this category. Post it in this category so sellers and agents find you.


# Days Ad Runs

Featured Ad Price

Regular Ad Price

Until You Remove the Post




Sponsorship AD Information

This is where you place highly visible branding, products, services, real estate, or any other type of product or service that you want to run on the home page and all of the pages on the site. These types of Ads are called Sponsorship Ads. These ad's are very visible to everyone who visits or uses the site.

Instructions for placing your ADs (please print this page if you need to)

How to place your Category AD

  • You don't have to be registered to place your first ad and the only required fields are the fields that have the asterisk* next to them.
  • Prices are not the same for each category, but many of them are, such as all real estate categories have the same pricing, except the categories designed for renting your garage space or parking separate from your house.
  • Anyone can place a Category AD
  • Single item ad placements and prices are available.
  • We also offer Unlimited AD Plan Price Packages for Businesses (agents/brokers; dealers; vendors).

How to place your Sponsorship AD
  • Login,Register; Because you must be logged into your Control Panel to place Sponsorship Ads.
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