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Understanding the Total Cost of Real Estate License in Texas


As an aspiring real estate agent in Texas, you must first understand the investment you will need to make to get your real estate license. This is because you must have a license to practice in the state and be considered to be a credible professional. What you need to know is that the cost of a real estate license in Texas is made up of several components including the costs of the course, the exams, the actual application fee, and other miscellaneous costs. In this piece, we explore the various elements that comprise the cost of a real estate license in Texas.

The real estate school fees

To obtain your Texas real estate license, you first need to complete the state-required 180-hour training or pre-licensing course. There are several institutions that are accredited by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), so you will have to do some research and choose the one that best suits you. You can choose to pursue your training online, learn in a physical class setup, or through a hybrid format that combines both online and in-person elements.

The cost of a real estate license in Texas, includes the pre-licensing course fees, which vary based on the provider, course delivery format, the study content provided, etc. For example, an online course that offers just the basic learning materials will be cheaper than an in-person course or even an online one with more materials such as practice questions, learning notes, etc. You can consider taking your pre-licensing course with one of the best online real estate schools, RealEstateU and choose the package that suits your pockets, learning style, and other factors.

The exam costs

Another question you need to address as you seek to know the real estate license cost is, "How much is the real estate exam in Texas?" Once you have completed the mandatory education for licensees, you must pass the TREC-administered real estate exam. It is crucial to understand that the exam has national and state-specific portions. The total cost of the exams is around $120 but there may be additional costs for the application process. Also, if you fail and have to try again, you will incur additional exam costs.

License application fees

Once you pass the exams, you can apply for your Texas real estate license. This is where another significant component of the real estate license cost in Texas comes in: the application fees, which could be between USD 200 and 300 or more. The main elements of the license application fees include the background check fee, processing expenses, and license issuance fee.

Ongoing Costs
Even after you get your Texas real estate license, you will incur some ongoing costs, such as license renewal fees that you have to pay every two years, and if you don't renew on time, you could also have to pay additional late fees. You may also incur other fees for joining professional real estate organizations.


The cost of a real estate license in Texas comprises the school fees for the pre-licensing course, the exam costs, license application expenses, and ongoing costs like license renewal. Before embarking on your journey to get your license, it is crucial to address the question: "How much is real estate school in Texas?" You can compare and find what various institutions charge. Also, it would help if you planned for the other expenses needed.

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