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Job Title:
Manager, Advertising Sales Department
Closing Date:
Open until filled
This job is the primary responsible party for the organization, planning and day-to-day management and execution of our Advertising Sales Department.

Other sales responsiblities that this department is in charge of is the sales efforts of our Exclusive Zip Code Territories in the Agent Marketing Network. This includes selling ancilliary products and services to help the members who join our Agent Marketing Network.

This job is perfect for you if you want to build a key department in our company and benefit from your hard work to make it successful.

The type of advertising we sell includes Sponsorship ADs and Category ADs in a variety of advertising plans. Our company targets a wide variety of business industries with our advertising opportunities. This means that you'll be responsible for setting up groups within this department that focus and target sell to different types of businesses that can benefit from advertising on

We are looking for a motivated manager and department head for this job.
Requirements / Experience:

Organizational business planning and departmental management experience is required either in an entrepreneurial or medium to large business setting.

Customer Service and Sales experience required on a senior level or as a manager of sales teams or departments.

Ability to:
- Motivate sales representatives and acheive sales quotas
- Make cold calls to potential clients is required
- Present in front of small, medium and large groups
- Design and manage successful sales department strategies, policies and benchmark goals.
- Manage a sales team that may be dispersed on wide geographic basis in different office locations.
- Relate to the business practices of real estate brokers and agents to help connect them to our Agent Marketing Network.

Experience with using a variety of interactive websites and social networking sites is a big plus. Ability to work independently without supervision is required.

This is a Remote Job.

Type of Pay:
Salary, Bonuses (depending on experience)

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