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Job Title Classified Advertising Representative
Closing Date:
Open until filled.
This job is focused on representing our company by selling our Classified Advertisement Plans. These advertisements are the core revenue generator for our company.

We offer clients a variety of options that include individual AD rates and subscription plans that allow an unlimited number of ADs during the run time of the subscriptions. Your job will be to primarily generate sales for the subscription plans, but those efforts will also lead to your earning income when the client purchases individual ADs or upgrade features for ADs they place under the subscription plan.

What this means is that there are many ways for you to generate income as a Classified Advertising Representative.

You will represent our Banner AD inventory and options to a variety of customers and a variety of industries. Target clients include, but are not limited to: Auto Dealers (both Collector Car Dealers and New/Used Car Dealers); other Vehicle Dealers like Motorcycles, Trucks, Boats and Auction Companies; Real estate companies and businesses; Auction companies; and many other type companies who are in the automotive, car collector, construction, equipment and other related industries.

This job lends iteself to people who have interest in the type of content that focuses on. If you have such interest the job may be easier and more enjoyable for you. If you don't have such interest that's not a problem if you are a fast learner.

Leads are provided, plus you can develop your own leads.

We are looking for motivated sales representatives who can close deals and who want to earn a high level of income.
Requirements / Experience:
Customer Service or Sales experience required (prefer at least 6 months of successful sales experience in any field).

Online media knowledge and sales experience is a big plus.

No sales experience will be considered if you have customer service experience in the advertising or internet media business fields.

Willingness to reseach to find potential clients.

Ability to make cold calls over the telephone to potential clients is required.

Ability to give sales presentations in front of small, medium and large groups is a plus.

Experience with using a variety of interactive websites and social networking sites is a big plus.

This is a Remote Job.

Type of Pay:
Draw, Salary, Commission. Final package offered will depend on each applicants experience.

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