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Moving To South Carolina: An Ultimate Guide To Buying Your New Home


The southeastern coastal state of South Carolina is a wonderful choice when searching for a new place to set down roots, whether for the foreseeable future or temporarily, while pursuing a great career opportunity. There are some phenomenal areas to live across the state, all with a different feel to each other. One of the great things about South Carolina is that very few places across the state are the same. Whether you're looking for an urban lifestyle, a rural town vibe, an ocean view property, or a home in the shadow of a mountain range, South Carolina has plenty of options. Here are some things to consider when looking to move to South Carolina.

Understand The Housing Market
Your first step when considering buying a new property is to understand what the housing market is doing, both across the country as well as in South Carolina itself. The housing market of each state is not always dictated by the markets in other states and can even vary significantly within each state due to the stark differences between the demand for properties in cities and the demand for properties in small towns. Get to grips with the average costs of houses across the city, so you generally have an idea of what is expensive and what is affordable. You could even look at the selling history of properties, too, to see how they've appreciated in value over the years. This can give you a better indication of whether that property will be a good investment or not.

Learn About The Cost Of Living
Another thing that varies from state to state, and indeed country to country, is the cost of living. While today we are facing a global cost of living crisis, with many countries facing the risk of severe inflation, many areas within the US are faring much better than others regarding the overall cost of living. South Carolina, for example, is well below the average cost of living in the USA. While groceries are only just below the national average, housing prices are substantially lower, making it a much easier option to buy property, especially if it's your first time getting onto the property ladder. All in all, South Carolina is a great place to live when it comes to spending less but remember that this also depends on where in the state you choose to live.

Decide What You Want
When it comes to choosing a place to live, there are a fair few things you'll want to consider before committing to a decision. First of all, you'll want to think about the aesthetic of the place you're living. This is because if you don't like how your home looks or the surrounding area is unpleasant to you, you're not going to have the best time living in that area. The type of neighborhood should also be a consideration, whether you're after a small-town community vibe or a bustling and exciting urban experience. You'll also want to consider your proximity to amenities, schools for your kids, and the amount of space the property offers you, both currently and for possible future expansion.

Choose An Area To Live
Once you've considered these things, you'll want to start thinking about which area you wish to live in. As mentioned before, everywhere will offer something different from the other towns and cities in the state. Here are some of the most popular areas in South Carolina to give you some inspiration.
• Charleston
The chances are that you'd already heard of Charleston in South Carolina way before you decided to move to the state. This city is a very popular destination situated near the coast. The city boasts a very exciting music scene with plenty of live music venues dotted around the cityscape. Alongside this, you'll also find plenty of amazing restaurants boasting of cuisines from around the world. Charleston is also home to many great centers of education, with several universities and some of the best public and private schools in the entire state.

• Myrtle Beach
Another great place to consider living would be Myrtle Beach. As the name suggests, one of the major features of this town is the gigantic stretch of sandy beach, which draws in many tourists and locals alike. In fact, this beach spans an unbelievable 60 miles, so you'll never be pressed for space. The city benefits significantly from tourism, bringing in most of its revenue. This also means that you'll find plenty of great amenities, from cafes and restaurants to bars and other evening entertainment venues. You can find some amazing homes for sale via sites like EZ Home Search, whether you're after a small space as a single professional or a larger home to raise a family. Be prepared for slightly higher property prices on average due to this area's popularity.

• Greenville
If you'd like to look for property away from the coast, there are plenty of great options for you. Greenville, one of the state's largest cities, is situated in the west of the state near the famed Blue Ridge Mountains. The housing market here is extremely affordable and there are plenty of job opportunities in the area, making it a great place to choose if you're still looking to secure a new role in South Carolina. If you're looking to get away from built-up urban areas, there are plenty of small towns surrounding Greenville, too, including some much closer to the stunning mountain range. Who doesn't want views like that from their home?
Ensure Your Finances Are In Order
Before moving anywhere, having a good handle on your finances is important. While it's clear that living in South Carolina is a much more affordable experience than in many other states, it's essential that you spend time figuring out your financial situation and plan properly to ensure you can afford to buy and live in your new home. First, you're going to have to save for a down payment if you haven't already. This can vary from 3% to 20% of the property value. While you'll likely already know this, many forget about the additional costs of closing and legal guidance. You'll also have to pay for inspections to ensure the property is suitable for living in and has no major structural problems.
Prepare For The Move
Once you've closed on your property and everything is official, there is still plenty of work to do. The moving process is not overly straightforward and can often feel quite stressful and rushed. There are a lot of things to think about when moving house, and it's worthwhile having a checklist ready to ensure you've remembered everything. You'll want to inform everyone that needs to know of your new address, including local authorities, banks, and utility providers such as internet and electricity. You'll also want to arrange for someone that can help you to transfer your belongings to your new home in South Carolina. There are many removal companies that can safely pack up your belongings and transfer them across the country, no matter which state you live in. Distance is rarely a problem, but you should remember that costs will increase depending on how far they have to travel.

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