How to Build a Garage for Your Cars?


Protecting your car from the elements is one of the best ways to make sure it’ll serve you for a long time. Especially in states which receive a lot of rain/snow, a car garage will prove invaluable. A garage also offers a lot of versatility and can be used as an extra storage space.

When you design your garage, including a workspace and storage areas will make it an upgrade to your house, not just an area for storing cars or bikes. A garage can be designed in multiple ways, starting with a simple single-car garage to a massive four or more car garage with multiple doors and windows. The size of your cars will also play a major role in determining the size of the garage, mid-size sedans like the 2021 Toyota Camry and crossovers like the 2021 Toyota RAV4 won’t take up much space, and will be able to fit in most garages.

But large SUVs like the 2021 Chevrolet Tahoe and trucks like the 2021 Ford F-150 will take up a lot more space and should be considered when building the garage.

Advantages of having a garage

.) Protecting your car from the elements, making it last longer
.) Extra storage space for tools and more
.) Can be used as a workspace that is separate from the house
.) In areas where snowfall is common, the car will be ready to go without any extra effort
.) Prevents paintwork from fading in the sun

How much does it cost?

The cost of a garage will depend on how big it is and the type of materials used. A small single-car garage will start from around $7000, while a big two-car garage with lots of space and storage inside can cost up to $50,000. On average, a garage will cost $50 per square meter.
As a general rule, make sure to leave at least four feet around the vehicle for easy entry and exit from both sides.

Attached Garage Vs Detached Garage

If you attach your new garage as an extension to your existing home, then the overall cost will be lower than a detached garage, provided you won’t have to change your home’s structure. Usually, the cost difference will be minor, and in some cases, an attached garage can cost more if some walls have to be replaced or the structure reworked.

Building an entire garage from scratch will also cost a lot more compared to pre-fab kits that are widely available, which you can do yourself.

Detached garages will also require a separate power supply, which will require some work compared to attached ones where you can use your home’s existing power.

Prefab kits or Custom garage design

Designing your own garage will take a lot of effort, from sourcing raw materials to measuring and cutting them to size. To avoid all these extra works, a lot of companies sell prefab kits which are the quickest, easiest and cheapest way to build garages.

A single-car garage kit can cost as little as $3,500 depending on the material used, while a two-car garage will cost anywhere between $5000 to $10000. More expansive kits are also available if required.

With a custom garage, the costs will be significantly higher. From planning and design to materials, labor, and equipment cost, a custom garage can cost almost twice compared to a prefab kit.

Common Garage styles, sizes, and prices

On average, there are usually two sizes :

Single Car Garage - Average between 12’ x 24’ and 14’ x 28’ in size depending on the size of the vehicle to be parked and prices usually start from $7000 and can cost up to $40,000+ if you do a custom garage by hiring specialists.

Two-car garage - Two-car garages are the most standard addition to modern homes. Prices start at $15000 for a basic one with parking for smaller vehicles and can go up to $50,000+ when doing a custom build with specialists.

There are four styles of garages that are commonly used :

Gable Roof Shed - This is a classic style with a practical pitched roof and offers a lot of storage for outdoor equipment and more.

Cyclonic Gable Shed - This design is used in cyclone-prone areas and is built to withstand extreme weather conditions, with similar storage as a gable roof shed.

Flat Roof Shed - This style uses a flat roof for a clean and understated look. It is also very adaptable for various storage needs

Rural and Industrial Sheds - These are large designs with plenty of storage and are built with more quality and durability in mind. They are also very adaptable to suit various needs.

Garage Flooring Options

As standard, most garages come with concrete floors. But there are more options with more durability and style:

Interlocking Floor Tiles - These tiles are made from heavy-duty vinyl, rubber, or PVC and are designed to fit together, making them very easy to install and remove if required. They can also protect the floor underneath from damages and stains. They also offer a lot of customizability and are available in various shapes and colors.

Concrete Sealer - To improve the look of your existing concrete floor, a sealer can be used which will make it more resistant to stains and give it a slight sheen, improving the overall looks. The application will take some time though and solvent-based sealers usually work better than water-based ones.

Epoxy - Epoxy covering is also very popular nowadays and offers the toughest and most durable floor finishes. It also looks good and different colored stones/chips can be used to get a different design.

Costs involved in building your own garage

There are several costs involved in building your own garage, from the initial foundation to finally installing the garage door.

The first step is to build a solid foundation which will cost roughly around $2000 at least for a concrete foundation. Equipment and transport will cost extra.

The next step is to build a frame for the garage which can be built using different materials depending on how durable and robust the garage should be. As a general rule of thumb, the material you choose should depend on where the garage is located about the house.

The different types of framing used are :

Timber framing - This is the cheapest and most popular choice for most garage builders thanks to its lightweight and low cost. A timber frame will cost around $9 per square foot.

Concrete Framing - Concrete frames are a lot more robust compared to timber and will last a lot longer. They are also not affected by termites and other bugs like timber. This option will usually cost around $5 more than timber but you’ll need the help of professionals to get it done right. This may add a lot to the total cost.

Concrete frames are the best option, even though they cost more due to their solid construction and excellent durability.

Garage walls are the next step and can be built with a variety of materials. Basic drywall is the cheapest option, while brick walls are the most expensive and durable. Other materials like PVC< Galvanized steel, MDF, and more can be used to build walls, depending on your requirements and budget.

Garage roofs and ceilings come in different types as explained before. Usually, the roof will set you back around $4 per square foot. Various materials like Asphalt, stucco, cedar, and more can be used for roof building with varying costs. A sloped roof will usually cost more.

Finally, we come to the last piece of the puzzle. A garage door. The cheapest option available is wooden doors which are a lot cheaper than vinyl. Fiberglass doors are also available but will cost considerably more than wood and steel.

Garage door openers will cost extra depending on the system you choose. Installing a garage door is also labor-intensive, so expect to pay a few hundred dollars for the installation itself.


With several types of garages available, from prefab kits to complete custom ones, one thing you have to consider is the size of your car or your future cars. Car buying websites like will help you get all the information you need from car dimensions to the best deals on your next car purchase.

Finally, decide on how much you want to spend on your ideal garage. Spending more on quality materials and a custom garage will usually mean a more robust and long-lasting construction that will stand the test of time.

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